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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Small batch eggless peanut butter chocolate cookies with only 4 ingredients.

Super healthy and gluten free!

Oil free, egg free and sugar free peanut butter cookie recipe, sweetened with just honey. #diaryfreecookies #oilfree #eggless

Looking for a healthy, eggless gluten free recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings? I have got just the one for you!

Today’s delicious peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks are the perfect cookies for those who have no control over their cravings…like me!

These cookies need just one bowl, no beater and only 20 minutes to bake them. No chilling time too!

They are super crunchy with peanuts, sweetened with honey, held together with rice flour and absolutely dreamy with big fat chocolate chunks.

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Quick and easy eggless peanut butter cookies that are super healthy and totally guilt free. Best cookies for family get togethers. #holidaycookies #gfcookie #glutenfreedessert

So are these peanut butter cookies healthy?

Yes, they definitely are! These gluten free peanut butter cookies with big gooey chunks of chocolate are flourless, eggless, with no butter and without brown sugar. What more can you ask for?

So in a nutshell

TasteThese cookies are buttery, peanuty and chocolaty.
TextureThese peanut butter cookies are crunchy with gooey chocolate chunks in every bite.
LevelThey are easy healthy cookies and totally guilt free!
OccasionYour everyday cookies!

So how to make the best gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from scratch?

Learn how to make gf peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from scratch the easy way. Perfect for holidays and family gatherings. #glutenfreecookies #gfcookies #healthycookies

  • Use crunchy peanut butter for these cookies. They give a good crunch and an additional texture.
  • Make sure the peanut butter is very smooth. Don’t use it straight from the fridge. It would be very hard. Let it soften first.
  • Use roughly cut dark chocolate chunks whenever possible. You will not regret it. You get a gooey chocolate surprise with almost every bite. And remember bigger the chunks the better!
  • The cookie dough will be hard to mix after adding the chocolate chunks but that’s ok. To combine the chocolate into the dough you can always use your hands. Mixing with your fingers makes it easier for the chocolate to blend into the dough.
  • These cookies do not spread. So you need not give a lot of space between each cookie when arranging them on the baking tray.
  • After the cookies are arranged on the baking tray you can immediately bake them. No need to chill them.
  • These cookies are easy to double. Just don’t forget to double the ingredients proportionately.
  • Remove the cookies from the oven when they are just done. This keeps the chocolate still gooey inside.

How to shape these flourless peanut butter cookies?

Simple homemade peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies ready in just 20 minutes with only 4 ingredients. Gluten free, oil free, eggless and vegetarian. #egglessrecipe #cookierecipe #egglesscookies

To shape these healthy cookies, take one teaspoon full of dough. Using your palms, shape the dough into a ball. Now lightly flatten the cookie ball between your palms. Then arrange them on a lined baking tray. Flatten them gently or they may crack on the sides.

How to tell when these homemade peanut butter cookies are done?

While baking these yummy cookies make sure they are not overdone. They would turn dry and you will miss out on the gooey chocolate. Remove the cookies from the oven once the top of the cookies are not wet and they should look just done.

Flourless peanut butter cookie recipe with chocolate chunks baked in small batch with only one bowl. The best gluten free cookies baked at home with simple ingredients. #egglessrecipe #vegetarian #penautbuttercookies

How to store these simple peanut butter cookies?

If any cookies left, just store them in an airtight container for up to 5 days at room temperature.

Can you freeze peanut butter cookie dough?

Once the dough is ready to be shaped, the peanut butter cookie dough can be double wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen for up to 2 months. When needed, just remove the plastic wrap and let the cookie dough thaw until pliable. Then shape the dough into cookies.  It is easier to shape the cookies when the cookie dough is softened.

You can also shape the cookies, arrange them on a tray and freeze them. Once frozen you should plastic wrap them individually, then store them together in a zip lock bag until needed. When you feel like having a cookie, take a cookie out of the freezer and remove the plastic wrap. Wait for a few minutes to soften the cookie dough. Then bake and enjoy!

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If you have tried baking these healthy peanut butter cookies, don’t forget to comment and let me know how they turned out. You can also tag me @kitchenthrills on Instagram!

GF Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

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Serves: 18 mini cookies
Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes

Small batch peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with only 4 ingredients. They are healthy and gluten free!


  • 85 grams of rice flour
  • 60 grams chunky peanut butter
  • 60 grams of honey
  • 90 grams dark chocolate roughly chopped



Preheat the oven at 160°C (320°F)


In a medium-sized bowl, using a spatula, stir the peanut butter and honey until well combined.


Next, add the rice flour to the peanut butter mixture. Mix until combined.


Fold in the chocolate chunks. You can also fold it in using your hands.


When the dough is ready, take a teaspoon of dough. Using your palms make a cookie ball with the dough.


Gently press the cookie balls to make them flat. Be very gentle or they may crack at the sides.


Arrange them on a lined baking tray.


Now bake the peanut butter cookies for 10-12 minutes or just until the cookies are just done. They should not be overbaked.


Immediately remove the tray from the oven and let it rest for a couple of minutes.


Then transfer the cookies to a wire rack and cool completely.


These delicious cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 5 days at room temperature.


To Freeze the cookie dough: Double wrap the cookie dough and freeze the dough for up to 2 months. When needed, thaw the cookie dough until pliable. Then shape them into cookies and bake!

To freeze the shaped cookies: Shape them, arrange them on a baking tray and freeze them. Once frozen, wrap the cookies one by one using cling film and store them together in a zip lock bag until needed. Then thaw and bake!

This peanut butter cookie recipe is easy to double. Just make sure to double them proportionately.

Easy gluten free peanut butter cookies baked with gooey chocolate chunks. An oil free, eggless recipe - the guilt free healthy cookie. #glutenfreedessert #egglesscookies #cookierecipe

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